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  • CPU: ATMega1284P
  • Memory: 128K Flash / 16Kb Ram
  • Voltage: Selectable 5v/3.3V
  • Expansion bus:
    – Arduino Uno Compatible Headers
    – Grove connectors :

    • n.1 Analog
    • n.2 Digital
    • n.1 I2C

    – GMX Bus

  • Other connections:
    – micro USB connection
    – JST LiPO Battery Connector


  • RTC M41T62 chip – with alarm connected to INT2 of main CPU
  • NFC M24SR – external antenna needed
  • LiPO charging and battery gauge
  • Power ON/RESET/OFF circuit with one  button
  • microSD card slot

Tuino 1 is the ultimate IOT development platform that will enable any DIY developer or R&D engineer to deliver even the most ambitious project. Tuino 1 is a powerful Arduino UNO compatible board, fitted with an AtMega 1284p that provides 128K Flash and 16Kb Ram giving enough space even for the most demanding application.
Fitted with  on-board hardware add ons which include RTC, NFC, LiPO battery connector with charging and gauging circuit, an SD card slot, 4 Grove connectors and GMX bus extension. All this in the tiny form factor of the Arduino Uno.

When adding one of the available GMX modules the Tuino 1 becomes an incredible IOT platform. You can design your project with the flexibility of testing different RF technologies, with GMX RF modules available for LoRa, Wifi, BLE 4.2 ( and soon 5.0 ), ZigBee and coming 2Q2017 NBIoT

The Tuino 1 has been designed by developers for developers: interrupt driven Radio RX interface, no more polling loops for receving data. An RTC module that can be programmed to generate regular intervals to wake up the CPU, and considering the huge amount of Flash and RAM, the possibility of having a real RTOS also on an Arduino platform. A Tuino OS is on our roadmap for end of 2017.

The Tuino 1 has been also designed to be used in final products and it includes a power on / reset / power off circuit, based on the LTC29555 chip, with connections on PCB to add external power button and/or power supply connections.

Tuino 1 a state of the art platform for the most demanding IoT  project.

For documentation and HowTo please visit our GitHub Page

Available Bundles:

Tuino 1 Simple:
Tuno 1 board + USB cable
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Tuino 1 IoT Bundle:
Tuino 1 board + USB cable + SMA Antenna + you choose your radio module

  • Tuino 1 LR1 ( 868Mhz LoRa module )
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Connectivity Bundles:
The Tuino 1 LR1 is available with 12 Month Swisscom LPN Connectity
( check here the Swisscom coverage map )

Tuino 1 LR1 + 12 Month LPN Swisscom Connectivity  XXL plan, which includes 144 daily uplinks and 14 downlinks.
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